The local running club for Littlehampton

Sunday Social Running - 6 and 10 mile options

  • 15 Dec 2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • Blakehurst carpark / Arundel town centre ruins

2 options for social running

1 - 10.5 miles - Starting at 8.30am from Blakehurst car park (1st left off the A27 heading East after the Crossbush junction and then about a mile up the lane). We will run along the river to Arundel (2.75 miles), join the 5 milers to do the "one-hill" loop and then retrace our steps back to Blakehurst

2 - 5 miles - Starting at 9.00am from the ruins in Arundel town centre - to do the "one-hill" 5 mile loop as above

It will be hilly and muddy so be prepared. Sunday rules will apply so all are welcome, there will be catch-up pauses as necessary and no-one will be left behind.

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